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Trusted Oilfield Excavation Services in Northeastern Alberta

We at Benoit Oilfield Construction have the equipment and expertise to take care of all of your project's needs. Our experienced team offers a wide range of solutions, including oilfield excavation services in northeastern Alberta. Over the years, we have successfully served a vast network of clients. Our clients trust us for quality services. If you require oilfield excavation services, get in touch with us now.

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What We Do

We provide a whole range of services for oil and natural gas fields. In addition to construction, you can depend on us for repair and install the following:

Lease preparation

Topsoil removal

Pipeline integrity digs

Fence line clearing

Containment removal


Piling installation

Pipeline trenching

Tank pads

Spill clean-up

Texasgate cleaning and repairs

Line break exposing

Line crossing

ROW clearing and brush mulching


As full-service fencing contractors in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we also provide a complete list of fencing services, including:

Farm and oilfield fencing

New fence

Fence removal and replacement

Barbed wire installation

Posts installation

Gates installation

Texas gates installation

Fence line clearing and brushing

Oil and Natural Gas Field Facilities

We can take care of your oil and natural gas field infrastructure needs. Associate with us for repair and installation of fibreglass, tank pads and more.

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