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Dependable Commercial Heavy Hauling Services in Northeastern Alberta

At Benoit Oilfield Construction, we provide a complete list of services for your commercial needs. Our solutions include commercial heavy hauling services in northeastern Alberta. The fleet of equipment that allows us to meet your needs includes:

Winch trucks

Bed trucks


Tank cradles

Trailers up to 53’

Trombone Trailers

Picker trucks (2-ton knuckle boom, 30 to 45-ton stiff boom 110’ reach)

If you require commercial hauling services in Alberta or Saskatchewan, reach out to us. 

Benoit Oilfield Construction

What We Haul

The machinery we haul includes:

Tanks 100bbl up to 1,000bbl

Pipe and tubing



Heavy equipment

Office trailers

Skidded buildings

Wide loads

High and long modular buildings

Commercial Excavation Services

We provide a whole spectrum of commercial excavation services for properties of all types and sizes.

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