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Efficient Oilfield Site Reclamation in Northeastern Alberta

As oilfield contractors in Chauvin, we at Benoit Oilfield Construction can meet all your oilfield site needs. Our team of seasoned workmen can help decrease your downtime and improve the efficiency of your project's operations with our oilfield site reclamation in northeastern Alberta. The services we provide are reasonably priced and hassle-free.


If you require oilfield site reclamation in Chauvin, Alberta and Saskchatwan, please contact us now .

Benoit Oilfield Construction

What We Do

Our site reclamations services in Alberta and Saskchatwan include:

Construction site cleanup and reclamation (tillage, seeding and straw crimping)

Spill cleanup from contaminant excavation, stockpiling and removal to reclamation, including clay and soil replacement

Contaminated soil hauling

Well abandonments

Riser removal (internal cold cutting)

Piling removal (internal plasma cutter)


As full-service fencing contractors in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we also provide a complete list of fencing services, including:

Farm and oilfield fencing

New fence

Fence removal and replacement

Barbed wire installation

Posts installation

Gates installation

Texas gates installation

Fence line clearing and brushing

Reliable Excavation Services

We can support your excavation needs with services like pipeline trenching, spill clean-up, piling installation and more.

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