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Your Partner for Quality Pipeline Services in Northeastern Alberta

Benoit Oilfield Construction has many years of experience in installing steel, fibreglass and polyurethane pipe. Count on us for reliable pipeline services in northeastern Alberta as we can efficiently handle all phases of pipeline construction using company-owned equipment. We specialize in field infrastructure – specifically systems using 2"-10" diameter pipe, up to 50-60 kilometres total length. A typical installation would be to tie in a group of newly-drilled oil or natural gas wells to a compressor, processing plant or centralized oil battery. In addition, we install sales pipelines connecting field facilities to larger gas plants or trunk pipelines. For more information about our pipeline services in Alberta and Saskatchewan, give us a call or send us an email .

What We Do

As pipeline contractors in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we provide a whole range of pipeline services including:

Site prep





Pigging lines

Testing lines

Riser installation

Integrity digs and repairs

Line break exposing, repairing, and reclamation

Installations and Repairs

When you're in the market for a company to tackle your oilfield construction, it's important to find one with experience working with the materials you've chosen. At Benoit Oilfield Construction, we have years under our belt working with the preferred materials of the industry. That includes:







Whether you need us to undertake an entirely new installation or require our expertise to repair a pipeline before problems arise, our team is up to the task. 

Exposed pipelines under a setting sun


As full-service fencing contractors in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we also provide a complete list of fencing services, including:

Farm and oilfield fencing

New fence

Fence removal and replacement

Barbed wire installation

Posts installation

Gates installation

Texas gates installation

Fence line clearing and brushing

Oil and Natural Gas Field Facilities

We can take care of your oil and natural gas field infrastructure needs. Associate with us for repair and installation of fibreglass, tank pads and more.

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